Go+ Security Helps Provide a Safer Web 3.0 Experience

Go+ Security Helps Provide a Safer Web 3.0 Experience


Go+ Security Engine is a game-changer in web 3.0 security. It helps individual users avoid risks in the crypto investment and reshape the security value chain.

The operation of a network, whether web 2.0 or web 3.0, is based on security.

According to Chainalysis, crypto scam losses would total $14 billion in 2021, accounting for 6%-7% of the total DeFi “total value locked” (TVL). Not to mention that many assaults and scams targeting regular consumers will go uncounted.

At a minimal cost, hackers are flocking into web 3.0. Despite this, the industry has yet to address the issue of security. 

Currently, there are three primary crypto security providers: audit firms, reward platforms, and security tools, all of which, regrettably, do not provide complete security services to all users.

Go+ Security engine aims to tackle this rising issue with its web 3.0 safe boundary.

Web 3.0 is a dark forest, and ordinary users are frequently the victims of the most severe attacks, such as private key theft, airdrop scams, rug pulls, phishing websites/dApps, and auth assaults. There are very few security services available to them.

The Go+ Security Engine is a brand-new security infrastructure for Web3. It is an open, permissionless, user-driven security service platform for all types of blockchain users.

It solves the mismatch between supply and demand in security through open outputs of security capabilities and reshapes the security value chain by building a Security DAO. It tries to achieve this security engine with the following methods:

Build a complete security capability: users form a real-time updated database. An automated dynamic security engine is used to monitor the actual and simulated on-chain environments in all dimensions and achieve multi-category security risk coverage through various security algorithm strategies.Provide open APIs on demand: open API services for users’ actual scenarios and needs based on complete security capabilities.From passive triggering to active interception: notify the entire network at the first moment of users’ exposure to risks, and change the attacker’s profit model.Set up a security DAO for co-governance and co-construction: Everyone is a first-hand security information source and can provide audit services for others. Anyone who contributes to security content will be rewarded. 

Consumers may acquire real-time risk monitoring and early warning based on the preceding, allowing them to avoid token contract risks, application contract risks, and other hazards in usage to the maximum degree possible. 

These features help minimize and help consumers stay ahead by avoiding these risks.

Go+ Security helps customers secure their everyday investments in various ways. It varies from the types of risks covered to the quantity and types of smart contracts that may be identified to the user-friendly interface. 

Go+ has several features that address a wide range of threats, such as token security detection, smart contract detection, on-chain smart contract alert, and user operation security.

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Security detection for smart contracts on multiple chains

Go+ supports smart contracts built with Solidity and Rust. The token detection function has covered ETH, BSC, Arbitrum, AVAX, Polygon, and HECO, with 447,000+ projects detected.

Security detection for complex smart contracts

Go+ can directly detect complex smart contracts, nested smart contracts, non-standard smart contracts, contract fragments, and non-open-source smart contracts. It provides multiple ways for user submission. Detection is fully automated, which saves time on deployment.

Security detection for smart contracts in different sectors

Go+ has established more targeted detection strategies for smart contracts serving other sectors, such as DeFi, NFT, and GameFi. 

For example, for GameFi projects, by bridging the database and random numbers, Go+ provides alerts on possible attacks on the contract operation.

User-oriented security detection 

Go+ provides users with one-click risk token submission and subscription services to get updated risk information, providing security at every step of user transactions and operations. 

It also supports concurrent detection of different risks in multiple contracts and can provide security services to a large number of users at the same time.

The most comprehensive security database

It supports a fully automated, hot-swapping detection platform and risk data submission and analysis system. 

The system can sensitively identify hot risks and the latest attack models to establish new security platform-oriented by user needs, which covers the complete lifecycle of the detected project.

Users can access nearly 30 security detections for a token contract address in three dimensions: contract security, transaction security, and information security.

The GO+ security API has been adopted by several wallets, price charts, and portals as new security infrastructure for Web 3. With over 402,000 tokens detected, the system covers the ETH, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Heco ecosystems. 

It claims to have identified over 219,000 risky tokens and that the number is still growing daily.

More than 100,000 API requests are made every day, serving nearly 100 million users. To find more details about the token security detection system, visit here.

Go+ aims to provide a completely secure experience for its users. To kick it up a notch, the team is looking into bringing in more secure systems. Ultimate Q1 will focus on building a complete security automatic detection platform, including four sub-security systems:

Token detectionSmart Contract detectionOn-chain data monitoringRisk detection during users’ interaction process (e.g., phishing website/APP)

Additional function upgrades include:

Security API V1Go Pocket (Alert Push)

With over ten years of security experience, Go+ Security’s R & D team has launched several products with over 100 million users. In addition to their extensive experience in security, they understand precisely what kind of security products users require. 

Each prominent member of the product development team has at least four years of experience in blockchain R & D. So far, it has launched a security data website, a wallet, and a Go+ Security API.

Go+ Security has also been selected as one of the five BNB Chain MVB IV monthly stars of the Binance chain. It will also have an opportunity to receive a direct investment from BSC’s $1 billion funds. This will provide an additional chance for Go+ to develop its security ecosystem.

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