A Detailed Review of the Game

Drunk Robots IDO Is on April 7: A Detailed Review of the Game


In just a few months, Drunk Robots raised investments from Animoca Brands and Merit Circle, gathered a community of 100k followers, released three gameplay modes, and sold out a collection of 10,101 NFT robots. All you need to know about this intriguing P2E game ahead of the IDO on April 7 will be highlighted.

Drunk Robots: new-gen GameFi in action

The evolution of GameFi in the past 12 months has been nothing short of amazing, with the emergence of complex in-game economies and upgradable characters.

Graphics has made a lot of progress: from pixelated scenes that seem to be taken from 1995 to carefully drawn 3D environments.

A great example of the new generation of crypto gaming is Drunk Robots, a project that combines fun and provocative gameplay with quality design and powerful Play2Earn features.

As Drunk Robots is launching an IDO on April 7, now is a good moment to review this very promising game, which already has over 100k followers on social media.

The attack of the boozy robots

Think again if you believe that robots don’t consume anything but motor oil. All of the beautifully designed robots in this game love beer – and spend most of their time looking for it or getting drunk.

Afterward, just like people, they get into drunk fights, which often escalate into massive battles between opposing gangs with colorful names like Metal Heist and Yakuza Warriors.

Another favorite pastime for the robots is to roam the streets of Los Machines looking for junk left by humans.

They then swap this junk for new weapons and accessories to increase their chances of victory in battles and farming yields.

NFT collections

The core of Drunk Robots’ NFT economy is a collection of 10,101 robots that come in four levels of rarity.

Each has a set of 20 features – from hair color to weapons and carts. The variety of weapons is particularly impressive: bazookas, pitchforks, katanas, laser guns, flamethrowers, etc.

The original collection was sold out very quickly on Binance NFT and Liquidifty.

Still, some are now available from the secondary market in the Liquidifty app in the form of containers, where each container conceals one or more robots, weapons, and farming units.

$METAL and game economy

$METAL is the native token of Drunk Robots – and that’s also the token that will be sold during the IDO. Since the game runs on Binance Smart Chain, $METAL adheres to the BEP-20 standard.

Apart from buying $METAL on an exchange, the best way to accumulate it is to participate in PvP (player vs. player) battles in the game.

Every battle victory yields a reward, but there is also a leaderboard – and the top-ranked players will receive additional token rewards at the end of each season.

Users can also earn extra $METAL by selling robots and accessories in the marketplace. Farming is another way to earn tokens; the process requires a plot of virtual land and a farming unit.

Drunk Robots also offers many ways to use $METAL:

Upgrading one’s character, equipment, land, and farming equipment (you can even upgrade a robot’s rarity level);Buying items in the marketplace;Choosing different opponents in the PvP arena, fighting in squads, etc.

Besides $METAL, Drunk Robots has a second in-game token called $JUNK.

This can be collected through scavenging and battles or purchased for $METAL. $JUNK is used for upgrades and to buy raffle tickets.

Drunk Robots team: ‘Few games have achieved what we have before the IDO’

When comparing Drunk Robots to other GameFi projects, it is striking how much the team has already managed to implement.

While many games arrive at the IDO stage with little more than a website and some concept art, Drunk Robots has several working game modes and a vibrant community.

Slava Mikhalkin, Co-Founder of “Drunk Robots,” says:

‘You can already enjoy PvP battles or try yourself at scavenging. We also have a fun little game called Knockout, where you need to shoot every robot around you. Having a working product is a major credibility factor for an IDO because users can experience what the actual game is like. They can see that our graphics quality is ahead of 90% of projects in the space.’

Vladimir Nikitin, Co-Founder of Drunk Robots, adds:

‘In a few months, we built a huge community with more than 20,000 people on Discord and 40k followers on Twitter. And all of it was organic growth: people keep joining because they like the game. The least we can do in return is to stay active in the community – a few of our team members are always online, answering questions and giving updates.’

Thanks to Drunk Robots’ strong network of partnerships, this success has become possible.

The game is backed by Animoca Brands, one of the largest blockchain gaming venture companies whose portfolio includes The Sandbox, Crazy Defense Heroes, and Phantom Galaxies.

Another major partnership is with Merit Circle, a major crypto gaming guild and DAO.

Drunk Robots’ partners and investors also include Moonrock Capital, Shima Capital, DEX Ventures, Good Games Guild, Wanaka Farm, and Liquidifty, as well as two popular exchanges: Gate.io and ZB.com.

How to participate in the IDO

The much-anticipated Drunk Robots IDO will be held on April 7 on three popular launchpads: GameFi, TrustPad, and Liquidifty.

The team has published a detailed Medium article with the terms for each, but the main points are as follows:

The price of $METAL is $0.01 per token on all three platforms.15,000,000 $METAL will be sold through GameFi, while TrustPad and Liquidifty get 5,000,000 $METAL each.On April 8 (the next day after the IDO), $METAL will be listed on Gate.io and PancakeSwap.10% of the IDO tokens will be unlocked immediately, and the rest will become claimable in 15% portions every month.

Liquidifty is the easiest platform to join because it doesn’t require a KYC, and users need to buy only $600 worth of GAS tokens to access the IDO on a first-come, first-served basis.

Drunk Robots illustrates the direction in which the whole GameFi industry is moving. It’s a game running on a fast chain with low fees (BSC), with upgradable characters, real token utility, but most importantly – a rich lore and an engaging gameplay. It’s not surprising that majors like Animoca Brands and Merit Circle have shown interest in Drunk Robots – and for anyone following the P2E market, this is a project worth considering.


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